Hesi A2 Practice Test

Detailed HESI A2 Test Practice Test Information

The Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam or commonly known as the HESI Entrance Exam is one of the basic requirements to take nursing programs. There are 10 different exams in a HESI exam that are:

- Grammar
- Vocabulary
- Reading
- Math
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Anatomy and Physiology

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HESI A2 Test Practice TestSchools are given the right to choose exams that will be provided to potential students who apply for nursing programs. Most schools usually focus on Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Math exams to assess the readiness of the potential students. Physics, chemistry, biology, and anatomy and physiology exams are only given to students who take nursing programs that require them to complete any of these exams.

The Followings are The Details of Each Exam

Grammar Exam: 50 Items

This exam consists of basic grammar such as common grammatical errors, part of speech, and important terms and their usages in grammar. Since the questions are quite basic, it is highly recommended to complete this exam in less than 50 minutes.

General Knowledge and Vocabulary Exam: 50 Items

This exam will test students' understanding on basic vocabularies that are often used in healthcare fields. It is suggested that you can complete this exam within 50 minutes.

Reading Comprehension Exam: 47 Items

This exam is intended to measure students' understanding on health related scenarios. Students have to identify the main idea of the context, find the meaning of the context, understand the passage, make logical inferences, etc. The scenarios will pop up on the screen one by one but students can see the entire scenario by moving around the windows.

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Math Exam: 50 Items

Math exam is targeted on math skills that are required in health care fields, such as multiplication, subtraction, basic addition, decimals, fractions, household measures, proportion and ratio, and standard math facts that are important for various calculations such as calculating drug solutions and dosages.

Physics Exam: 25 Items

Not all students have to take physics exam. If you choose a nursing program that requires you to pass this exam then you have to complete this exam. Some of the items in this exam include: projectile motion, acceleration, average speed, Newton's Laws of Motion, energy, uniform circular motion, rotation, friction, light, sound and waves, optics, sound and gravitation. It is highly recommended to complete this exam within 50 minutes.

Chemistry Exam: 25 Items

Same as physics exam, you can omit chemistry exam if it is not a pre-requisite in your nursing program curriculum. The exam items include chemical bonding, nuclear chemistry, chemical reactions and equations, atomic structures, and periodic table.

Biology Exam: 25 Items

If the nursing program that you choose is not related to biology then you are not required to complete this biology exam. In case you take a nursing program that uses this exam as a pre-requisite, this exam commonly covers photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cells, metabolism, biological molecules, water, and biology basics.

Anatomy and Physiology Exam: 25 Items

If your curriculum does not state anatomy and physiology as a pre-requisite, then you are allowed to omit this exam. The common items covered in this exam include: general terminology and anatomical systems and structures.

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